A SECONDARY school in Hampshire has been forced to close after a sewer collapse.

Swanmore College annouced its temporary closure yesterday evening (Friday, July 14) after it was left without toilets. 

The school will be shut on Monday and Tuesday while the problem is dealt with. 

Staff said they were aware of a 'bad odour' at approximately 5.30pm, before calling a drains company, which responded immediately.

Headteacher, Kyle Jonathan said: "We are unable to offer any toilet facilities on site which means we had no option other than to close the site for the weekend. We now have to implement the emergency closure procedures for Monday and we anticipate this continuing through to Tuesday at least.

"Teachers will set work on Google Classroom as we are unable to offer live lessons on this occasion. The site was closed yesterday evening and will remain closed until the toilet facilities are available."

Mr Jonathan will update pupils on Monday with further information.