Described as “Stevie Nicks on acid”, Nashville rebel and emerging talent Dylan Taylor is setting course for Winchester as part of her first international tour.

The singer-songwriter will be playing the last of six dates at the Hyde Tavern on Tuesday, July 5, having already wowed crowds in London and Buckinghamshire with her unique style.

“After about as many years as one can stand in one place, I’m super-stoked to be venturing out of the United States for my very first UK tour,” Dylan said.

“It’s been quite to ride to get it organised and I’ve already met some really cool people I will never forget. I can’t wait to share this batch of songs with the people who end up at my shows and hear what they think. It’s going to be a really fun time."

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Dylan was raised in Tennessee from the age of 11, where she not only learnt her craft as a songwriter, performer and recording artist, but boldly developed and honed her exciting and genrecrossing style, turning her lived experience into 'meaningful' music and developing her rebellious outlook and punch along the way.

Dylan herself acknowledges that the roots of her songwriting and performance style lie with her father, Karl Braun, and his best friend Harvey Allen. However, she has also drawn deeply on her own life experiences to inspire her songs.

These often explore the worlds of mental illness and addiction, bringing first-hand experience to the table as Dylan was exposed to such issues at an early age. She survived her own rock bottom and found herself in recovery at 20 while in the midst of her first publishing deal, her first tour dates and shortly after releasing her first EP.

Drawing on all of the above, Dylan has unapologetically gone her own way as an artist, and has been acknowledged as an original, rebellious and uncompromising talent with something to say. In the words of journalist Carol Banks Webber, Dylan Taylor possesses: “The heart of a poet and the power chords of an old-soul, new age Janis Joplin.

“Atlanta-born Dylan Taylor conjures up her own magical, hardcore blend of 'genre mut’ voodoo whenever she puts gut-wrenching, heart-felt lyrics to the guitar-raising lyrical.

“This Nashville rebel pushes every boundary, from one outrageous extreme to another, picking up the pieces of addiction and ruin and singing the quiet parts out loud - with a riptide of unflinching, confrontational, hook-tastic emotion. Like the 'genre-mut’ she is, Taylor embodies the essence of rock, folk, country, and blues. There’s not one fake note in her, or her original, stand-alone releases - loaded with gut instincts, laugh-riot vibes, and brute honesty, the kind a true soul sister shares with her BFF.”

Dubbed “the punk rock Patty Griffin,” Dylan has also been in the studio, finishing an EP with three-time Grammy nominated producer, Ken Coomer (Wilco, Will Hoge) and the first release will be out in the Autumn this year.

Doors open at 7.30pm for Dylan's show at the Hyde Tavern. Tickets can be purchased in advance of the event, here.