It’s interesting that there is a campaign to stop the closure of Andover Road because the residents of Barton Farm worry about the traffic that will divide this new estate.

Equally understandable, residents on Andover Road were not keen on having more houses where there used to be farmland. Perhaps they were offered the closure of this noisy road? Does it not illustrate how people don’t like busy and fast traffic but prefer Low Traffic Neighbourhoods and green spaces? I fully agree with both sides. We have too many busy roads that divide communities: Badger Farm Road, Worthy Lane, St Cross Road, Easton Lane…

I am sure many agree that we need to calm down traffic by slowing it down to 20 mph within the boundaries of Winchester and reduce traffic into the town centre, to make it safer and give more space to cycle, scooter or walk. A decent bus service from surrounding villages into Winchester is vital (especially now that many can no longer afford to drive their cars) but HCC is planning to cut bus services instead of finding ways to finance more services.

Sadly, the petition to keep Andover Road does nothing to encourage active travel but instead replaces one radial route into the city centre with two, leading to further car congestion there.

This city needs change urgently to remain one of the best places to live in the UK! Putting more houses around Winchester without promoting active travel modes will increase car congestion and certainly not help this cause.

Max Priesemann,

Olivers Battery Road South,



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