IT IS interesting that Boris’s fan club defend him mostly by pointing to the eating of cake on his birthday in an attempt to minimise his wrong doing. In terms of the damage done to world order, Ukraine, our country, the Tory party, and hurt inflicted on individuals, the cake incident is in the minor league. A simple list of Johnson’s greater misdemeanours and misjudgements would exceed the word limit for this letters page.

The partying and cake incident have acted as a catalyst and made people realise just how unsuitable Johnson is as prime minister.

I am 71 and have voted Conservative in every local and national election since I was 18. I have told my MP that there is no way I will vote Conservative as long as Johnson or any of the present cabinet is leader of the party. The cabinet in identifying themselves with Johnson are just as guilty.

The truth of the adage that a fish rots from the head down is manifest before our eyes, the rot has seeped down through the cabinet and into over half the Tory MPs. Someone wrote on the Conservative Home website that it is vital that the Conservatives lose really badly in the next general election and spend five years reforming into a trustworthy credible party. I couldn’t agree more. Whatever damage an alternative government inflict will be a lot quicker and easier to repair than the damage that Johnson has inflicted on this country and its standing in the world.

If it is thought that Johnsons actions in relation to Ukraine mitigate everything else, remember that through cosying up to Putin and refusing weapons to Ukraine until it was too late Johnson shares major responsibility with other world leaders for persuading the Russians they could get away with the invasion of Ukraine.

David Gosney,

Clayhill Close,

Waltham Chase,

Bishop's Waltham


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