Knitted covers have been stolen from bollards outside the former magistrates court in Romsey.

Three covers were taken on the evening of June 19 from the square bollards in Church Street.

They were part of a series of yarn-bombed street furniture that appeared in the town to mark the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

Volunteers had spent hours knitting the items to adorn bollards, post boxes and fences.

Councillors and residents were upset at the theft.

Romsey Town councillor John Critchley said: “A lot of local people spend many hours making these hand made covers to brighten up the town centre once a year and give us a little enjoyment.”

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Organiser Dorothy Baverstock said: “I am so disappointed and disillusioned. Our hard work for the community just taken in a moment of pure thoughtlessness. How can people do this?”

Cllr Critchley added: “We understand that some boys were seen walking in Greatbridge Road with them around their shoulders. Perhaps they could just do the decent thing and replace them back from where they took them.”

Hampshire Constabulary said they had received no reports.

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