Mr Burwood (Chronicle, June 16) laments 'Boris Bashing'. I lament the lack of 'Boris Bashing'.

Our Prime Minister is a national disgrace and an international laughing stock. Far from being brave to walk the streets of war-torn Ukraine, the Russians rightly judged that he should be allowed to continue to wreck our country. After all, if anything happened, there was a chance, albeit minuscule, that he would be replaced by a capable person.

As for freeing our country from EU dictatorship, our exporters to the EU have to submit mountains of paperwork to demonstrate that their goods conform to EU rules (over which, thanks to Brexit, we now have no influence whatsoever). Meanwhile imports from the EU pour in with no checks at all. Call that freedom?

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Having delivered raging inflation and a fuel price crisis (Has anyone seen any 'Levelling-up'?), our Prime Minister is about to start a trade war with the EU by tearing-up his Northern Ireland Protocol. The people of Northern Ireland have learnt to live with the current arrangements, and apart from a few shrieking wreckers, do not seek further upheaval. We will be the losers for his foolish and unnecessary action.

The irony of his epithet 'Big Dog' is completely lost on his fans. A dog, however big, has no concept of the law, or truth, trust, honesty, loyalty, integrity, care for others and all those other attributes that differentiate us from farmyard animals. There is no yesterday or tomorrow for a dog, only now and its basic instincts. Each time 'Big Dog' dumps a malodorous stain on the fabric of our democracy, he comes bounding back to us, wagging his tail. Whereupon, his fans shriek “AAAWWWWW, isn't he sweet?”.

It is said that he is clinging on to Office like a limpet; words like leech, flea and louse also come to mind, but tick is the most appropriate. He has injected our public life with individuals who are manifestly unfit for office. Their influence, like Lyme's Disease, will poison our society for decades.

I want our country to be governed by a rational human being, however boring, not by a dog, however amusing.

Roger Stevens,

Clifff Way,



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