Travellers have 'taken over' part of a park and ride car park on the edge of Winchester.

The group set up camp at South Winchester Park & Ride earlier this week, with residents reportedly seeing pickup trucks towing caravans towards the site on Monday.

Hampshire Police has said it is 'aware' of the unauthorised encampment and has already sent officers to 'assess the situation'.

A spokesperson said: "We are working closely with the landowners, Winchester City Council, to seek a suitable resolution."

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Winchester City Council insisted Hampshire County Council is dealing with the issue.

This isn't the first time the park and ride car park has been used as a base for an illegal settlement. In 2017, a group of more than 50 travellers moved onto the site. Just last year, a further 19 caravans were moved on from the Otterbourne Road location.

Other park and ride car parks, including St Catherine's, have also proved popular spots.

Hampshire County Council has been contacted for comment.

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