THE pupils of Winchester College exceeded their target by over £3000, cycling a total of 2,840km.

The boys set off on static bikes on Saturday, June 18, operating in 20-minute shifts. In hope of collectively cycling the distance from London to Lviv (a city in Western Ukraine) in support of the EmbraceMe Foundation.

Their goal was to raise £8000 to buy and send a frontline-equipped ambulance to provide aid to the civilians affected by the attacks on cities in Ukraine.

The charitable cyclists surpassed both their targets, cycling beyond Lviv and so far raising £11,200.

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Ivo Sawbridge, a Year 11 pupil who took part in the ride, said: “The ride to Ukraine was a wonderful opportunity to support a country in a tragic time of crisis. The cycle was enjoyable (if slightly tiring at 7am!) but best of all was the cheerful atmosphere. I'm sure the money raised will be very helpful in aiding the Ukrainian people at this horrific time.”

Fundraising continues as just an additional £2000 would mean the team could purchase a second support (non-frontline) ambulance.

The cycle formed part of Wyekam Day, the college’s largest annual event, open to the whole college community for sporting contests, musical performances and cultural exhibitions.

The EmbraceMe Foundation provides humanitarian support on the ground in Ukraine and relief to its refugees abroad. To find out more go to

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