For many years Romsey & Waterside Lions Club have taken part in a Lions Paultons Park Fun Day for those in our community who are disadvantaged or less able.

This year 230 children and carers enjoyed a bumper day of fun at Paultons Park and Peppa Pig World.

To fund their purchase of tickets to the event, Romsey & Waterside Lions Club organise Easter egg raffles and deliver large chocolate eggs to pubs, clubs, and other outlets to raise funds. Several outlets raffled two eggs.

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The families come from Romsey, and the areas spanning the Waterside to Fawley.

Andrew Trowbridge, president of the club, said: “It is very rewarding seeing happy children of all ages, many of whom have been awake for hours in anticipation of the fun day ahead. Others were wide eyed in amazement when they arrived not having been told where they were going that day. This year the weather was perfect, and they will have had a day to remember.”

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