AN INDEPENDENT convenience is footing the bill after vandals smashed the window, following an on-going spate of anti-social behaviour in the city centre.

River Mini Market in Winchester High Street is the latest victim of having its windows smashed by thugs in the city centre.

The event happened on Sunday, June 19, into the early hours of Monday, June 20.

Previous shops on the High Street have fallen victim to window smashing, such as: Cell Repairs, Ecco, Mint Velvet and the Hampshire Chronicle office.

River Mini Market owner, Hazhar Rasul said he no longer feels safe, with the council refusing to install metal shutters to protect his business.

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He said: "I think someone threw something from the other side of the road.

"This is the first time this has happened. It makes you feel angry.

Hampshire Chronicle: Inside of River Mini Market, where the object has gone through the glass

"This is one of the best cities and we've never had a problem with anyone before."

Dr Paul Spencer, executive director at Winchester BID, encouraged people to keep reporting the incidents to police.

He said: "Vandalism is unacceptable and our local businesses should not have to deal with this. It is always important that incidents like these are reported to the police."

Mr Rasul said: "We're a small, local business and it's hard to earn money. Now we also have to pay for the damage with our own money."

Winchester City Council has been contacted for a comment.

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