A PLAN with more than 100 objections for a replacement house near Hyde Abbey Gate has been refused by councillors.

They said that the proposal was out of keeping with the historic area.

The application was for the demolition of a two-story detached property and the construction of a replacement at 3 King Alfred Place.

An original plan for this was submitted in 2019 and also refused. Since then, the applicant changed the materials and moved it back from Saxon Road.

The total number of public objections submitted to Winchester City Council was 156. They cited reasons such as it being out of keeping with the character of the area, overscaled, aesthetically displeasing and harming the setting of Hyde Abbey Gate.

The planning committee heard that 16 supporting comments had also been submitted, saying that the design improved the area.

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Penny Stewart, an objector, said: “Hyde Gate is a Grade I listed building and a national scheduled monument. Hyde has very steeply pitched roofs, but the proposal has a flat roof. It has nothing in common with the surrounding buildings.

“It fails to reflect the local distinctiveness.”

Cllr John Tippett-Cooper, who represents the St Bartholomew ward, said: “I have real concerns about the application. The site is in the 'golden triangle' of heritage sites with Hyde Abbey Gate, St Bart's Church and Hyde Abbey Gardens.

“The property is in need of improvement but this will have an impact on the heritage site.”

Ross Galtress, the application's agent, said: “We want to built a low carbon house which is a substantial improvement. This will contribute to the city council carbon reduction target.

“It is important that the site is modern and doesn't try to imitate the other buildings.”

Cllr Frank Pearson had concerns over the proposal's impact on the area.

Planning officer Megan Osborn said: “I believe it fits into the street scene of the area. I don't think it would set an unwelcome president.”

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Cllr Pearson said: “This is a contemporary design, but it's like a 'carbuncle' in this area. This is within the boundary of where Hyde Abbey was.”

The committee's chair Cllr Therese Evans said: “The applicant has worked very hard to accommodate the previous objections. I can't see any reason to object this plan.”

Councillors voted to reject the application with five against and four for it. The reason was given as it being too large and the roof being out of keeping with the character of the area.

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