A CHILDREN'S nursery in Winchester has launched a guide for parents of children starting school this year.

Kingsmead Day Nursery has launched a useful guide for parents of children starting school this year as part of its School Readiness Week.

The day nursery, based in Gordon Road, Winchester, has produced a downloadable schools’ guide for parents in the local area to use when searching for the best school for their child.

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During the special School Readiness Week (May 9 until 13), the nursery’s young pupils had fun lessons to prepare them for the big wide world.

Hampshire Chronicle: Kingsmead Day Nursery pupils get ready for the move to school

A timetable of daily themed activities focused on helping the children to get ready for the challenges of starting school and to prepare them for life after nursery. The week included five themes for school readiness:

● Monday Motivation: A guest from The Pilgrims’ School visited to talk to the children about starting school.

● Let’s Talk Tuesday: The children shared their thoughts and concerns about school to overcome their nerves.

● What to wear Wednesday: A fun opportunity for youngsters to try on school uniforms and get ready for the morning routine.

● Thoughtful Thursday: The children wrote a letter of encouragement to one of their peers to help them feel good about starting school.

● Foodie Friday: A ‘school lunchtime’ trial introduced the children to school mealtimes.

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Emily Hancock, managing director at Kingsmead Day Nursery, said: “Our School Readiness Week was engaging, informative and fun for all the children - and gave them a great lesson in what they can expect and how to prepare for their move to school.

“School is a big milestone in our little ones’ lives and the excellent feedback we received from the children, parents and staff reassured us that they will be able to make the transition from nursery to the classroom with more confidence and knowledge of what to expect.

“I hope our free downloadable guide for parents will help steer them through the preparations for their children starting school."

To view the guide, visit: kingsmeaddaynursery.co.uk/school-readiness-week/

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