I AM fed up with "Boris Bashing" and the boring people in your columns who apparently believe that politicians should behave like civil servants. It is my experience that risk-takers don't tick boxes or promote themselves as paragons of virtue.

Let's not forget that Boris Johnson was the first world-leader with the guts to visit war-torn Ukraine and walk through the streets with its heroic leader. That after fighting off a life-threatening dose of Covid and freeing our country from the shackles of the EU dictatorship.

What a shame that Winchester's MP thinks all that is not worth a fig compared with having a few "illegal" drinks with colleagues in Downing Street (Chronicle, June 2). Be careful what you wish for Mr Brine or we'll end up with the oh-so-righteous but terminally boring Ed Davey or Keir Starmer!

Nigel Burwood,

Marshall Road,




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