Halterworth Primary School in Romsey is celebrating its 50th anniversary this month.

To celebrate this significant milestone, the current pupils have made a film to ‘showcase’ all five decades which will be screened at a red-carpet event at Thornden School’s theatre on Sunday June 19.

Headteacher at Halterworth School, Phil Thomas, said: “We are so proud of our school’s history and it has been wonderful for our pupils to learn about our past. It’s a great opportunity for everyone – past and present pupils - to come and watch the film. We are all looking forward to the screening on June 19.”

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Ex pupil and current staff member Heidi Templeton said: “I loved my time at Halterworth and it is a gift to now be able to work for such a compassionate school which has the best interests of its students at its core. I couldn’t ask to work with such a dedicated team of teaching professionals.”

Lisa Alexander, a parent of two children at the school and an ex pupil herself said: “Our family cannot wait to see the film, and I am sure it will bring back many memories of my time at Halterworth. The school is run with love, passion and dedication. I could not ask for my children to go to a better school. It is truly amazing.”

Any ex pupils wanting to come and see the film can book tickets by calling 02380 246555.

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