AN ARTIST from Winchester has spoken of her pride at being one of 30 artists featured in the Hares of Hampshire trail.

The public art display will take over Winchester and Southampton from Thursday, June 16, raising money for The Murray Parish Trust. 

Hampshire Chronicle: Raine Yeung with the six-foot tall hare

It hopes to raise enough to pay for new scanning equipment for the paediatric intensive care unit of Southampton’s Children’s Hospital.

Winchester resident, and first year illustration student at Arts University Bournemouth Raine Yeung was one of the lucky few selected from the Hares of Hampshire competition.

Her design was chosen and commissioned by Associated British Port in February before the young artist started working on the hare in March. 

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At six feet tall, Raine even had to stand on the stairs to paint the ears. 

She said: “It was quite challenging but definitely a memorable experience. It took about two months and when I finally finished, I felt a sense of relief and pride.”

Hampshire Chronicle: Raine Yeung with her finished hare

Raine’s uncle forwarded her the competition details thinking she could give it a good go. 

Raine, who is a first-year art student from Hong Kong, said: “I never thought I would get in but it has been a great experience and something I can add to my CV too.”

The young artist had been keeping her design a secret but can now reveal that the painting focuses on the natural environment, incorporating both the sea and the land with a butterfly. 

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The 19-year-old said: “I hope I can give the public the message that we need to protect the environment. I think it’s really important for our futures and for people my age to be aware of. Being nice and being aware of the current environment situation. Hopefully now, the environment won’t get worse as we grow.”

Raine used four to five layers of acrylic paint, to achieve a saturated colour before applying two layers of varnish to give the hare a shiny finish. 

The student’s hare is now ready for display on Castle Avenue, by the Hampshire County Council building. Raine’s design will be one of 30 hares on display across the tow cities. 

The trail will be available for 10 weeks until August 25. Last week, all the artists attended a launch event. 

Raine said: “All the other designs are all brilliant, really wonderful.” 

Approximately, 170 people entered the competition in hope of having their design chosen for the exhibition. 

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