AN INTERNATIONAL correspondent was caught by surprise last week when he spotted a Test Valley Borough Council waste bin more than a thousand miles from its home - in Ukraine.

Philip Crowther, an international affiliate correspondent for The Associated Press, has been reporting from Ukraine since Russia's invasion, and has made five trips to the country.

As he was leaving Lviv, where he had been working for two weeks, on Friday (June 10), he saw the out-of-place black waste bin.

It was on the side of the road in Hlynystsi, just before the crossing into Poland and was being used by the border guard station.

Taking to Twitter to post his surprise, Philip wrote: "Hey Test Valley Borough Council, how did one of your wheelie bins makes it all the way to Ukraine, and when is pick up!"

A council spokesperson humourously replied: "I've checked the notebook, but we don't seem to have a stock answer for this query - I'll make sure this collection address is added to our fortnightly rounds and not reported as missed!"

The Advertiser has contacted Test Valley Borough Council for further information.

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