A dog behaviourist has been given the green light to expand its current base with the addition of a new kennels, runs and consulting room.

Hampshire Dog Club, which is based in Upton Lane, Nursling, was granted permission to press ahead with building the new structure at a Southern Area Planning Committee meeting on Tuesday evening.

The three-acre facility currently offers training and correctional programmes for dogs displaying behavioural issues. The fresh structure will now sit alongside the existing building on the site.

Owner and applicant Sean Knowlson said: "A large part of our work is behavioural work. Since the pandemic dog ownership has escalated, as have the issues owners are experiencing. We've had a lot of referrals for behavioural work.

"As part of the assessment process we need stooge dogs, which are current being housed in the office, classroom or our trainer's cars - which is not ideal. It also means the office door is being opened constantly which isn't good for the dogs. Having an area I can take notes in imperative, as is having a space for the dogs to be housed overnight and from which I can carry out assessments in a controlled, safe environment.”

Councillor Philip Bundy questioned the effect the proposals would have on a neighbouring mobile home which was mentioned in the application, and questioned whether a site visit should have been authorised.

However, the images provided were deemed satisfactory by the committee and the application was passed unanimously.