A NEW burger restaurant named after a Winchester 'legend' is coming to the city.

Signs have appeared in Stockbridge Road for a burger restaurant called Burpin Ron's.

A poster on the window of 16 Stockbridge Road carries the words 'coming soon...'.

The restaurant, which will offer burgers, sides and shakes, is named after one of Winchester's best known character's, Ron Purse, who died in 2006.

Mr Purse was known as the 'Burping Man' who would push his decorated pram around during the annual Hat Fair and at Christmas.

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In a previous interview, deputy mayor Chris Pines, who had known Mr Purse for decades, said: "He was a lovely old thing. He had a heart of gold, although his way of dealing with things was not often the most sensible.

Hampshire Chronicle: Winchester character, Ron Purse passed away in 2006

"If he knew you had a birthday he would find something on the street and wrap it in newspaper and give it to you.

"He was a Winchester character. In a strange kind of way he was one of the people that Winchester accepts and looks after and makes Winchester that kind of slightly oddball place."

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He was also known for talking to strangers in the street with a cheery "Never mind, soon be Christmas!" or "Soon be Easter!"

Protesters had hijacked a council meeting and feelings were running high. Mr Purse, who had tagged along, stood up and in his high-pitched voice appealed for calm. The resulting widespread laughter defused the situation.

For more on the restaurant, which is also advertising for staff, go to burpinrons.co.uk/

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