A WINCHESTER woman has set up a company based on a healing technique called resonance testing.

Sarah Diggins was first introduced to healing 38 years ago.

She set up Armichi Wellness, a health consultancy in Southgate Street, in 2020.

The business claims to be able to help people with healing through light, sound and resonance testing, which uses a machine to measure the frequency of energy wavelengths coming from the body, as well as offereing services looking at food allergies and intolerances. 

And she said the business is going from strength to strength - and she urged others to consider the method.

Sarah said: "It's such a useful technique as we can use it to test exactly what's going on in someone and to measure progress.

"Healing has been transformed into a precision technique with no more guess work to know if it's complete.

"We also use resonance testing to do research into areas that are not currently accessible using conventional techniques."

Sarah said she believes energy healing is growing in popularity, especially on the back of the pandemic as people search for alternative medicines.

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She said: "We all suffer from various aches and pains that most of us try to ignore or reach for the paracetamol.

"The problem is that conventional medicine can only offer painkillers that mask the pain but don't address the cause. As a result, many people now turning to alternative medicine including energy healing.

"Armichi Wellness offers a range of services including an energy boost that is a wonderful way to refresh and re-energise.

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"You'll see that we've kept our prices down, publish lots of free training information and share the techniques we use as we want good health to be available to everyone, not just those who have plenty of money."

For more information about Armichi Wellness' healing and research, visit armichiwellness.com.

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