Today has been described as a "truly a dark day" as the cost of filling up a typical family car has reached £100.

As fuel prices continue to climb, the RAC has confirmed the bleak milestone.

Calls for the Government to cut fuel duty again are growing.

There are also concerns that the 5p cut announced in March is not being passed on to customers.

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RAC fuel spokesperson Simon Williams said: “It’s a truly dark day today for drivers with petrol now crossing the thoroughly depressing threshold of £100 a tank (£100.27p). A complete diesel fill-up now costs £103.43.”

His words come after the RAC has warned that the price of petrol will hit £2 per litre this summer.

A spokesman for the Prime Minister said: “We are continuing to look at all possible options. Transparency may have an important role to play.”  

As part of our Your Money Matters campaign, the Daily Echo continues to provide information to help readers save cash.

Below is a list of the ten cheapest filling stations around Southampton.

Prices are based on information services provider PetrolPrices and are correct as of Thursday June 9.


Costco Southampton: 166.9p

Asda Eastleigh: 174.7p

Sainsbury’s Lordshill: 174.9p

Tesco Hythe: 175.9p

Sainsbury's Hegde End: 175.9p

Applegreen Southampton: 176.9p

Shell Chilworth Roundabout: 177.9p

Esso Thornhill Park: 177.9p

Tesco Burlesdon Towers Extra: 177.9p

Tesco Southampton: 178.9p


Costco Southampton: 176.9p

Asda Eastleigh: 182.7p

Sainsbury’s Lordshill: 183.9p

BP Paynes Road: 184.9p

Tesco Hythe: 185.9p

Shell Passfield Avenue: 185.9p

Applegreen Southampton: 186.8p

Esso lodge: 189.9p

Shell Southampton Road: 186.9p

Sainsbury's Hedge End: 186.9p