Big changes are afoot on the meteorological scene as we head deeper in June.

High pressure will become the dominant feature on British Isles weather maps as we head through the forecast period. This promises a much drier spell for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight with more in the way of sunshine for both counties than we have experienced for a while.

However, that’s not the end of the unfolding weather story because daily maximum temperatures should also respond to increasing amounts of sunshine. But, it must also be noted that this could trigger the development of some showery activity and thunderstorms cannot be ruled out in places.

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And I must also add that the biggest risk of rainfall at the time of compiling this forecast is around Tuesday or Wednesday next week when an Atlantic low pressure system is likely to approach our shores delivering a period of more prolonged rainfall for a time. I suspect that northern England along with Scotland and Northern Ireland will be in the path of this depression and these regions are likely to take the brunt of wet weather associated with them. However, the odd weather front may find its way into our neck of the woods and if it does, we could see some breezy conditions and perhaps a brief unsettled spell.

Looking at the anticipated temperatures in more detail, a reading of 24C or possibly a little higher is foreseen in favoured spots well inland.

Overnight minimum air temperatures will remain below the season average and out in the sticks do not be too surprised if thermometers register single figures on the coldest nights. Mist and early morning fog is also possible.

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