ONE of the world's top actors stopped off at Winchester’s Turtle Bay for a meal.

Superstar Scarlett Johannsson, best known for her roles in Lost in Translation, Her, Ghost World, Captain America and the Black Widow, plus more, was spotted enjoying herself at the restaurant in St George's Street on Saturday, May 28.

Turtle Bay staff member, Greta Kontri said: “She came in a week on Saturday, it was very late. We tried to get photos and she was very polite about it, but they said no."

Just last month the actress was pictured in Portsmouth, reportedly wearing a navy uniform on the HMS Prince of Wales.

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Movie news websites claim the production is for the directorial debut of English actor Kristen Scott Thomas, which will also feature Sienna Miller.

Sources told The News, Portsmouth, that the project was titled My Mother's Wedding.

There were also reported sightings of the superstar at Kyoto Kitchen in Parchment Street around the same time.

The restaurant posted about the visit on its Facebook page Kyoto Kitchen Winchester.

It said: "I am sorry I missed you when you visited our restaurant last week. I do hope you enjoyed your visit and got to try the world famous Winchester Roll and our grilled black cod. Please do visit us again when you are filming in te area. Miff."

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Film crews have also been spotted setting up at Winchester's park and ride site in Barfield Close on Monday, June 6 and Tuesday, June 7, reportedly for the filming of a new Disney series of Never Let Me Go.

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