MEON Valley MP Flick Drummond visited Southern Water’s Bishop's Waltham sewage treatment works to see how the facility cleans waste from this part of her constituency.

She met Steve Court and Andrew Soulsby from the utility to tour the site and see it in operation.

The plant handles waste water from 13,000 homes around Bishop's Waltham and can process over 100 litres of water per second every second of the day.

After rigorous processing, the clean water is returned to the River Meon. Samples are checked for quality regularly.

The MP said: “It was quite a sight to see how wastewater is processed to the point it would be difficult to see the difference between it and tap water. I found the whole visit fascinating and it was good to see the standards Southern Water works to ensure clean water is put back into the River Meon.

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“After seeing it for myself, I have to stress how important it is for everyone to make sure they do not flush wet wipes or other inappropriate objects like fat away into drains. They cause blockages and, in the worst cases, can lead to breakdowns in the network.

“I also had the chance to discuss Southern Water’s “Water for Life” project which includes a new reservoir at Havant Thicket in partnership with Portsmouth Water.

“This will guarantee water supply for many Meon Valley residents and crucially reduce the need to draw water out of our chalk streams.

“It is an important investment in our water infrastructure and I look forward to visiting the site to see construction.”

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