AN ENTREPRENEUR from Hampshire has launched a new mindfulness app for use in the workplace.

Mitra Vijay, from Whiteley, is the founder of meditation platform 'Mindful You'.

He set up the business based on a wish for meditation to be taught in a ‘simple and rewarding way’.

The app 'My Mindful Workday' is the platform’s latest in a series of mindfulness apps created to bring peace to busy lives.

Having previously worked in high-stress corporate roles, Mitra firmly believes in the power of mindfulness.

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He said he has seen more businesses beginning to lend further consideration to their employees’ mental wellbeing, which makes his app a great addition.

He said: "My Mindful Workday centres around a series of practices to help you combat stress, enjoy your work, and manage your general wellbeing. It aims to differ from other meditation apps by proving users with specifically curated meditations and techniques that are business-focused, rather than overwhelming users with hundreds of meditations and exercises to browse through."

Mitra believes that using the app will allow firms to fundamentally ‘change the culture’ of their workplace, making it a calmer and more compassionate place to be.

He said: “With greater compassion individuals think of the ramifications of their actions and therefore make better decisions.

“Many years ago I used to learn, practice and teach meditation in India and Nepal. It’s been with me for many years, I’ve used it in my corporate life as well.

"I used to work in Canary Wharf – I've worked in different places in different capacities. It has helped me in keeping my balance, my focus, my confidence – and that's what I thought was the key in employee benefit schemes.

“There has been a lot of research done into mindfulness. One of the biggest thing that mindfulness and meditation does is affect two areas of the brain: the hippocampus and the amygdala. It gives you time and space, you know how to react to the environment rather than try to change the environment. If the organisation's goal is to make money, helping the employees is contributing. It is called a foundation, a subtle learning which is prevention. Someday, when you need it, it will be there, in your mind.”

Mitra encourages people to view meditation as a part of our daily routines – mental self-care with as much value as our physical self-care, rather than a chore.

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He said: “We shower every day, we brush our teeth every day, and we go to work every day. Why can’t we meditate?”

Mitra said he hoped to take the guilt and pressure out of meditation.

He said: “What I did was I created mindful minutes. You just plug in; you don’t need a lot of time. There is a huge misconception that one needs to meditate every day for ten minutes – this is a huge mis-selling of meditation. The meditation’s work is to set you free – just like love does. You don’t have to ‘do’ anything - the meditation in your earphones is guiding you.”

Prices start at £2 a week per employee and free demos are available. Subscriptions are for a 12-month period and specific individual employees. For more go to at

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