A ROMSEY family has turned to a Crowdfunder to seek financial help after their puppy was diagnosed with a grade six congenital heart defect.

Michelle Ashley first bought Mia the chug, a cross between a chihuahua and a pug, to help with her daughter's mental health.

But a vet broke the news about her health condition while on a trip to get her vaccinations.

Michelle, 47 from Tadburn Road was told Mia would need heart surgery otherwise she won't make it, despite no warnings from the original breeder.

The family have been left devastated. 

She said: "We were wrongly sold her by the breeder, who knew she had a heart defect but did not say anything and the insurance won't cover it.

"We contacted the breeder, who said she was completely unaware but when we contacted her vet they sent a report showing they advised the breeder make the new owner aware.

"It makes me feel very annoyed because she knew I bought her for my daughter's mental health and now she's upset because she knows Mia will need an operation to survive and the insurance won't pay out for it, so I've had to start a funding page to raise funds."

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Mia has been given just two years to live unless she is treated quickly, with a Crowdfunder already reaching £2,384, nearing close to the £3,500 goal.

Michelle said: "We are exceedingly grateful for those donating. Without them we wouldn't be able to save her."

Mia has been booked in for her operation for Monday, May 30 and will donate to other dog charities if proceeds exceed £3,500.

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