A GROUP of Romsey nurses have paid homage to arguably the most famous figure in the town's history.

Members of the nursing team from Marie Louise House care home visited a memorial of the world’s most prominent nurse and historic Romsey resident, Florence Nightingale, ahead of Nurses Day - which took place on May 12.

Florence Nightingale is celebrated in a stained-glass window installed in Romsey Abbey. 'The Calling Window' is a feature of St George's Chapel and shows her seated on a stone bench in the grounds of her home, Embley Park. She said “God spoke to me and called me to His service.”

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Joyce Hlophe, clinical lead at Marie Louise House, said: “We enjoyed a quiet moment with Florence while contemplating the direct effect her life had on us all. Nursing is one of the most challenging, but rewarding jobs you can do."

Florence Nightingale is heralded as the founder of modern nursing as a result of her relentless work nursing soldiers in the Crimean War. During this time, she became known as 'the lady with the lamp'.

Marie Louise House is located within a short stroll from the Abbey and the nurses were 'delighted' to have permission to view the window and take photographs. They spent time reflecting on the four-metre high artwork by Sophie Hacker.

Marie Louise House care home will be celebrating its nursing staff with flowers and chocolates on Nurses Day. The celebration recognises and pays tribute to the incredible work of nurses who make a difference to the lives of people by going above and beyond to deliver compassionate care, day in and day out.

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As a nursing home, Marie Louise House has nurses on duty 24/7 to support and care for residents, many of whom have complex needs.

"Our team of nurses work closely together to provide specialist care for our residents to ensure their lives at Marie Louise House are as fulfilling as possible," Ms Hlophe added.

"Each resident is so unique and care is tailored to meet each individual’s needs and preferences. It’s an honour to enjoy such special relationships with them. Nurses Day is a wonderful way to make us feel recognised and valued.”

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