Winchester University's honorary chaplain has released a new book.

The Jesus Myth was published on March 25 by Chris Scott.

The publisher is John Hunt Publishing of Alresford. It is currently number four in the Amazon faith category, and number one in the hot new release category.

Chris said: “The book is about looking at the nature of myth, not as something untrue, but rather as a story that carries profound truth. I also explore the notion of the myths we all carry within ourselves, both about who we are, and what life is like.

“Myths that we often have to modify or discard to become fulfilled human beings. I have also recently joined Humanists UK and would call myself a Christian Humanist.

“I point out that the language of the Bible is primarily of the Bronze and Iron Ages and accordingly, the understanding is also of that time. It is hardly surprising that the churches are emptying when we are offering a diet of concepts originating in much more primitive times.”

The Jesus Myth is a short book, written in a style that is easily accessible.

One reviewer said: “Whilst his book may appear small, be assured that it packs a punch.”


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