THE Liberal Democrats have maintained their majority on Winchester City Council.

They gained a seat in the St Michael ward with Cllr Mark Reach winning.

The seat was previously vacant following the death of Lynda Murphy in December.

The Greens Party caused the biggest shock, with Cllr Malcolm Wallace becoming his party's first on Winchester City Council.

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Elsewhere, Cllr James Batho (Lib Dem) replaced Anne Weir in St Barnabas, Cllr Jackie Porter (Lib Dem) replaced Malcolm Prince in The Worthys, Cllr Neil Bolton (Con) replaced Laurence Ruffell and Cllr Anne Small (Lib Dem) replaced Roger Bentote.

The current make-up of Winchester City Council is: Lib Dem - 27, Conservative - 15, Independent - two and Green Party - one.

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Here is the full list of results:

Bishop's Waltham:

Stephen Miller (Con) 1,248

Johnathan Williams (Lib Dem) 947

Richard Cannon (Greens) 299

Steve Haines (Labour) 167

Majority: 301

Turnout: 41.31%

Con hold


Caroline Brook (Con) 1,154

Derrick Murray (Lib Dem) 709

Jenni Dixon (Greens) 207

David Picton-Jones (Labour) 156

Majority: 445

Turnout: 33.48%

Con hold

Alresford and Itchen Valley:

Margot Power (Lib Dem) 2,304

Lorraine Bailey (Con) 1,133

Lucinda Graham (Greens) 157

Tessa Valentine (Labour) 55

Majority: 1,171

Turnout: 53.06%

Lib Dem hold

St Barnabas:

James Batho (Lib Dem) 2,029

Andy Lai (Con) 1,321

Reece Chadwick (Greens) 181

Lucy Sims (Labour) 181

Majority: 708

Turnout: 55.48%

Lib Dem hold

Badger Farm and Oliver's Battery:

Brian Laming (Lib Dem) 1,780

David Killeen (Con) 1,451

Max Priesemann (Greens) 183

Adrian Field (Labour) 87

Majority: 329

Turnout: 55.18%

Lib Dem hold

Colden Common and Twyford:

Sue Cook (Con) 1,069

Jonny Morris (Lib Dem) 718

Paul Brown (Labour) 181

Majority: 289

Turnout: 43.47%

Con hold

Central Meon Valley:

Malcolm Wallace (Greens) 1,955

Linda Gemmell (Con) 1,203

Thomas Gregory (Lib Dem) 294

Stefanie Patricia Harvey (Labour) 71

Majority: 752

Turnout: 46.83%

Greens gain

Southwick and Wickham:

Neil Cutler (Lib Dem) 902

Sandy Phillips-Lee (Con) 538

George Madgwick (Independent) 269

Julia Henriette Stolle (Greens) 114

Paul Sony (Labour) 85

Majority: 364

Turnout: 37.5%

Lib Dem hold

St Michael:

Mark Reach (Lib Dem) 1,567

Fiona Mather (Con) 1,000

Kate Needham (Greens) 274

Peter Marsh (Labour) 210

Majority: 567

Turnout: 48.07%

Lib Dem gain

St Paul:

Lucille Thompson (Lib Dem) 1,759

Leo Keay (Con) 583

Giles Gooding (Greens) 289

Peter Rees (Labour) 189

Majority: 1,176

Turnout: 46.8%

Lib Dem hold

The Worthys:

Jackie Porter (Lib Dem) 1,428

Signe Biddle (Con) 925

Hannah Field (Labour) 132

Majority: 503

Turnout: 50.06%

Lib Dem hold

Whiteley and Shedfield:

Anne Small (Lib Dem) 1,175

Renee Lu (Con) 726

Daniel Reed (Labour) 124

Majority: 449

Turnout: 37.45%

Lib Dem hold

Upper Meon Valley:

Neil Bolton (Con) 1,128

Yvette Riley (Lib Dem) 654

Richard Needham (Greens) 157

Stephen Turner (Labour) 56

Majority: 474

Turnout: 44.6%

Con hold

Wonston and Micheldever:

Patrick Cunningham (Con) 1,437

Andy Adams (Lib Dem) 970

Robert Parker (Greens) 182

Samuel Jordan (Labour) 150

Majority: 467

Turnout: 47.13%

Con hold

St Bartholomew:

Kathleen Becker (Lib Dem) 1,477

Sam Feltham (Con) 643

Charlotte Harley (Greens) 254

Patrick Davies (Labour) 252

Majority: 834

Turnout: 42.07%

Lib Dem hold

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