MR Acres (Chronicle, Letters, March 31) suggests that diverting a main road through the new Kings Barton development is an example of 'joined-up thinking'. Obviously, residents of the houses on the part of the road to be closed will be pleased, but they will lose their bus service and it is not obvious how the closure will 'replace green space'. It has to be said, however, that it is extremely difficult to determine the proposed new layout, as it seems that no maps of the whole Kings Barton development are available in the public domain.

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It appears from the few maps that are available, that the new main road will divide Kings Barton in a way that will leave only one third of the development on the Harestock side, while two thirds remains isolated on the 'country' side. The shops are on the country side, while the pub is on the town side. I don't know where the junior school will be, but many juniors will have to make their way across that new main road in the morning rush-hour. Kings Barton will be sliced in half by a main road, just like so many of our old towns and villages. Not a very 'joined-up development'.

The issue of 'isolation' of the new development could have been addressed by a couple of suitable pedestrian bridges over the existing road – some sort of 'feature' could have been make of them to give Kings Barton a little presence and appeal. However, that is not to be.

I suspect that the real reason for the fracture of Kings Barton is to generate passing trade for the new shops and pub.

Roger Stevens,

Cliff Way,




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