A HAMPSHIRE MP was left bleeding after being bitten by a dog while campaigning during the local elections.

Flick Drummond has warned a householder of "blood on the steps" outside their house.

The Tory MP, who represents the Meon Valley, had been out campaigning when she was reportedly attacked. 

Now taking "strong antibiotics", she has urged owners with "vicious dogs" to cover their letterboxes so people are not injured.

Renee Lu, the Conservative candidate for Whiteley and Shedfield, was also said to have been injured.

Hampshire Chronicle: The MP for Meon Valley, Flick Drummond.The MP for Meon Valley, Flick Drummond.

Taking to social media, Flick said: "If you are a householder with a dog and blood on the steps outside your house, it is mine.

"It is the first time in 30 years of campaigning that I have been bitten but on behalf of all delivery people, can those with vicious dogs, please put something over the letterbox so people are not attacked.

"Renee Lu, our wonderful candidate in Whiteley was also bitten this afternoon, not by the same dog. Both of us have had to see a doctor and are now on strong antibiotics."