A LUXURY hotel popular with celebrities and influencers has relaunched its restaurant menu in a bid to promote a healthier lifestyle, boost staff well being and attract in customers from the local area.

Lime Wood Hotel in the New Forest has revamped the menu at its restaurant Raw & Cured, which is next to Herb House Spa.

Hampshire Chronicle: Ria Rhodes and Luke HolderRia Rhodes and Luke Holder

The restaurant, which has a colourful central bar packed with fresh fruit and wholesome foods, is offering healthy eating with its new nutritious menu.

Luke Holder, chef director, said the venue had seen a surge in people wanting a more nutritious menu post lockdown.

He said: "Everyone has had the time to realise they need to make the time to look after themselves."

Hampshire Chronicle: Raw & CuredRaw & Cured

The new menu boosts overnight oats, buckwheat crepes, crushed organic eggs with avocado and watercress, soft Wiltshire goats cheese with honey and walnut and a breakfast bowl that serves eggs, avocado, tomatoes, spinach and home fermented sauerkraut.

Luke said they had started to make more of vinegars and fermented products on site, which have proved popular. Plus the kitchen has made great bounds in removing waster and plastics from its processes.

It has also placed a greater emphasis on staff wellbeing, and now feeds its staff from its luxury menu, as well as taking time to properly understand staff needs in a bid to promote a better working culture.

Hampshire Chronicle: Raw & Cured, Lime Wood

Luke, who has been a chef at the hotel for 13 years, said that like many other hospitality businesses, they had found it harder to recruit, so they have improved their offer.

He said: "We have brought in a three and half day working week, a two team system which means people are working with the same people and also we have made changes to staff food.

"Our motto has been to weaponise compassion and we have seen a boost in staff morale.

"We have spent a lot more time trying to understand the background of our team and how we work as a team."

Ria Rhodes, who joined as bar manager last year, has a degree in nutrition and she has been the driving force behind the menu changes.

She said she wants to welcome more people in from the local area.

Hampshire Chronicle: Raw & Cured, Lime Wood

She said: "You don't need to be a member to pop in and have some breakfast or lunch. Hopefully with our great menu we can entice more people in. We have delicious food with a beautiful garden for everyone to enjoy."

The restaurant is next to the spa and gym, which is led by head of fitness Justin Pimm.

The pandemic has seen him introduce more outdoor classes, as well as sessions in the hideout, an outdoor studio space.

He said: "Our whole ethos is about staying in touch with nature."

The hotel, as well as accepting day visits, also has three membership packages, starting from £190 per month.

Hampshire Chronicle: Lime Wood Hotel

The venue, which has won multiple awards including being named Best Hotel in The Times Travel Awards in 2020 and Readers Choice in the Conde Naste Traveller awards in 2019, has three levels, including a huge sauna, indoor hydro pool, outdoor hot pool, several treatment rooms and a large swimming pool.

The hotel, which has 33 bedrooms and is a couple of miles away from Lyndhurst, is popular with celebrities and past guests have included former Oasis star Noel Gallagher, Coldplay's Chris Martin, glamour model Katie Price, and DJ Chris Evans, plus many more.

It is part of the Lime Wood Group, which also includes The Pig hotel and restaurants, as well as Portetta Hotel in Courchevel.

Hampshire Chronicle: Lime Wood

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