THE road surface on Tichborne Down, particularly heading towards the Cricketers from Linnets Road has been progressively allowed to deteriorate up to the point where an accident involving a cyclist is highly likely.

As one cycles past Shepherds' Down turning, the surface of the sunken channel has sides that can easily trap a cycle wheel.

The rider can risk the treat of falling or move out into the centre of the road. In that case both he, and any motor traffic coming up behind him, are at risk of collision.

In the past, some attempts have been made to fill pot-holes in the channel, but these do not last long - my old Granny could have done a better job.

Attempts by councillors to persuade the Highways Department to instigate a proper resurface have come to nothing.

If local authorities cannot rectify this threat both to cyclists and any passing driver who may be involved, my recommendation would be a notice just after Linnets Road, warning "This road is dangerous to cyclists."

We are supposed to be promoting and encouraging cycling for better heath - the message hasn't reached Alresford!

Jan McDonald,

Carisbrooke Close,



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