RESIDENTS in Romsey were able to get more information on how the current voting system could be changed at a street stall.

Campaign group Make Votes Matter - a national, cross-party campaign advocating Proportional Representation (PR) for House of Commons elections - held a stall in Romsey town centre on Saturday, April 23.

Group organiser Sally Yalden said: “We were approached by a lot of people who wanted to chat. The recurring comment was that people want change. Locals told us they were frustrated and angry with the state of national politics and that it was good to bring them some hope.”

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Local group organiser James Southern said: “Joining a local campaign group to fight for such a fundamental change to the way MPs in Westminster are elected is vital for democracy.

"The world's five most stable states use PR and I think we can all agree that we're in real need of stability.

"The Conservatives currently hold a majority of seats with just 43.6 per cent of the votes. In the 2019 election they gained an extra 48 seats despite an increase of only 1.2 per cent of the vote share. How is this fair or democratic? It’s why we need local people to call on their MP and their communities to back Proportional Representation and electoral reform.”

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