A police constable has been given a final written warning after he was found to have committed gross misconduct for making up answers on a form after attending a domestic violence incident.

A disciplinary hearing heard that Pc Edward Greevy, based at Southampton, Hampshire, attended an incident on May 29 2020, where a woman claimed she had been slapped by her brother.

But when Greevy, who has served as a full-time officer since 2017, came to fill out a form about the incident, he had not asked questions of the victim that he was required to under police procedures and had fabricated answers.

Stephen Morley, representing Hampshire Constabulary, told the tribunal held at the force's headquarters in Eastleigh: "This is not just poor performance, it's dishonest."

The panel found Greevy had committed gross misconduct on grounds of breaching requirements of "honesty and integrity" and was given a final written warning to stay on his record for two years.

He was cleared of misconduct allegations in relation to a second domestic violence incident in which it was claimed he had lied to his superior officer about his handling of that case.

Nicola Talbot-Hadley, the legally qualified chair, told Greevy: "Dismissal would be almost inevitable however there are some cases where exceptions can be made.

"We find the officer's culpability was reduced by management failings. Misconduct was confined to a single episode.

"There was a risk of harm but no actual harm was caused to a member of the public.

"He has readily accepted his failings and the need to recognise that he needs further tools and strategies to assist in performing to the best of his ability."

She added: "This is an instance of lacking of integrity and not doing the right thing following circumstances of that led to heightened pressure and anxiety rather than a deliberate act of dishonesty.

"Whilst the public is entitled to expect high standards of officers, we are also mindful that the police as employers has a duty of care to their officers.

"To dismiss this officer would be disproportionate."