National Superhero Day is a day where anyone and everyone can be a hero, so long as they have the right equipment. 

Our favourite comic book heroes come to the rescue every day of the year so let's don our masks and capes this April 28.

If you're looking for the perfect gift for the mini Batman or Wonder Woman in your life, look no further than these top superhero toys from BargainMax.

Whether they're mad about Marvel or they're devoted to DC, there is something for even the littlest of superheroes. 

Hampshire Chronicle: A little boy dressed in a superhero costume. Credit: CanvaA little boy dressed in a superhero costume. Credit: Canva

“Superheroes have always been a huge source of inspiration for toy brands, and ever since comic book films came back into fashion in recent years, sales of superhero toys have skyrocketed," Emma Carden, Buyer at, said.

All of the below products are available from, and what's more you can also get a massive 20% off its spring sale items using the code ‘TWENTY’” at the checkout. 

Marvel and DC toys to celebrate National Superhero Day

Avengers Hulk 30cm Figure

Hampshire Chronicle: Avengers Hulk 30cm Figure. Credit: BargainMaxAvengers Hulk 30cm Figure. Credit: BargainMax

This incredible Hulk action figure is ready to assemble with Avengers and protect the world. 

The awesome action figure is 30cm tall and comes with moveable arms so you can recreate his signature smash. 

On top of that, the Hulk figure has been reduced from £19.99, meaning you can save a super £6 if you add it to your basket now. 

Hulk smash to your heart's content for just £13.99 via the BargainMax website.

Marvel My Friend Spidey 16 Inch Plush

Hampshire Chronicle: Marvel My Friend Spidey 16-Inch Plush. Credit: BargainMaxMarvel My Friend Spidey 16-Inch Plush. Credit: BargainMax


If you want to do anything a spider can, this Spiderman huggable plush is for you.

This soft toy is ideal for lovers of the new animated series Marvel’s Spidey and his Amazing Friends or even fans of the new Spiderman films.

You just need to press the spider to activate one of 16 phrases from the animated show, including “Let’s practice our Spidey swing,” “Way to go team Spidey,” and more!

Pick it up for little Peter Parker or MJ for £19.99 via the BargainMax website.

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Marvel Avengers Endgame Stormbreaker Electronic Axe

Hampshire Chronicle: Marvel Avengers Endgame Stormbreaker Electronic Axe. Credit: BargainMaxMarvel Avengers Endgame Stormbreaker Electronic Axe. Credit: BargainMax

Marvel fans assemble, you'll obsess over this mighty silver blade inspired by the hit film Avengers: Endgame.

Fans of the popular movie will know that Thor uses his superpowers to protect both planet Earth and his world Asgard.

Now you can defeat Thanos with this electronic roleplay axe and recreate the best moments from the franchise. 

With bright blue flashing lights and thunderous sound effects at the push of a button, this world-saving axe has been reduced from £149.99.

Entertaining you for hours on end, the blade is suitable for those 18 and over and can be yours for £89.99 via the BargainMax website.

Avengers LED Activity Tracker Watch

Hampshire Chronicle: Avengers LED Activity Tracker Watch. Credit: BargainMaxAvengers LED Activity Tracker Watch. Credit: BargainMax


A superhero has always got to be ready to save the day at a moment's notice and now you can be prepared with this supercharged Marvel watch.

With a fun-filled design, the activity tracker comes with all the mod cons you need to protect the planet from a step counter, smart LED display and a fully adjustable character printed silicone strap.

Suitable for those aged six and over, this Marvel watch will make the perfect pressie for comic-crazy kids. 

Make it yours for £12.99 via the BargainMax website.

Batman 1:15 All Terrain RC Batmobile

Hampshire Chronicle: Batman 1:15 All Terrain RC Batmobile. Credit: BargainMaxBatman 1:15 All Terrain RC Batmobile. Credit: BargainMax

With the recent release of the new Batman movie, this all-terrain remote-control vehicle is a must-have.

The Batmobile can take on water, snow, mud, rock, and grass as it zooms around Gotham and now you can too!

The all-terrain Batmobile is built with performance tires, comes with a 2.4 GHz dual joystick, is USB rechargeable and features out-of-range sensors.

It is suitable for all 4” Batman figures (sold separately) and is ready to fight supervillains at the drop of the Bat-signal. 

It's now available for £56.99 via the BargainMax website.