A MAN who imported a child-size latex sex doll has avoided a prison sentence.

Kevin Chaffey also downloaded hundreds of extreme pornographic images because he was lonely, a court heard.

Before the case was in court in Winchester Chaffey was confronted and berated in an expletive-laden tirade by his brother in the public area outside the courtroom. The brother said: "You are an embarrassment to the family, a disgrace, a waste of breath."

To other members of the public, he said: "He is a paedo, remember his face", before he was escorted out of the Law Courts by security.

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Later, Graham Gilbert, prosecuting, told the court that Chaffey, 49, of Meryon Road, Alresford, had admitted eight offences, seven involving pornographic images, many of children aged as young as four or five years, numbering in total around 6,000.

He was caught when UK border security opened a package from China and found the latex sex doll with Chaffey's address on April 3 2021. Chaffey was arrested on April 19.

Mr Gilbert said the doll cost £350, was about three feet high but did have adult female breasts.

Chaffey's history of sex offending, including indecent assault, indecent exposure and soliciting, goes back to 1994 although there have been no convictions since 2003.

Adrienne Knight, mitigating, said Chaffey denies having a sexual interest in children.

Miss Knight said Chaffey lives with his father, aged 84, in poor health and is his main carer. There are two brothers but they have little to do with his care, said Miss Knight, who added: "I had the unfortunate experience of meeting one of the brothers because he came here and started shouting at Mr Chaffey outside court. They won't help out at home."

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"He (Chaffey) is really sorry. He couldn't stop himself. He would like not to have the thoughts he has and would like any assistance to stop him because he doesn't understand himself why he can't just not do it. When he is down, depressed, when not busy, when lonely, these things are aggravated. He has been down in recent years, looking after his father. He lost his job at Plumbase when he was arrested. He is 49. He does not want to be the person he is. He's quite sad."

Miss Knight urged the judge to agree with a recommendation from the probation service that Chaffey go on a treatment programme. She said: "It can't change him so the feelings go away but the programme will help keep it under control."

Sentencing, the judge, Mr Recorder Charles Longley, told Chaffey that he clearly has a sexual interest in children and many of the images were "quite appalling. These are real children not images and it causes real damage to children."

But now was the time to give him help in controlling those feelings. Chaffey was jailed for 24 months but the sentence was suspended for 24 months. He was ordered to attend a sex offenders' treatment programme with a rehabilitation activity requirement for up to 30 days and undertake 200 hours unpaid work. He must also pay a £140 surcharge and £340 costs within three months.


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