PROMINENT politicians are very quick to pose beside the Union Flag and a photograph of her Majesty the Queen. It’s a shame they are less keen on following her advice.

“Speak well of each other, respect different points of view, come together to seek the common good and never lose sight of the bigger picture “

Recently we have seen election campaign leaflets which accuse one party of “hypocrisy, public posturing and making disingenuous claims”. What would Her Majesty make of that? These leaflets are also scaremongering, wrongly claiming that huge numbers of houses are to be built in Winchester. On February 10 you printed an editorial entitled “Twisting the truth for electoral gain”. You obviously are aware of how easy it is to mislead the electorate. The Dever Society had tried to correct the false information but once the idea is planted it can be hard to get people to accept the truth.

Feelings are running high and some may actually believe the things they write or read are factual. As we approach the final weeks of the local election campaign I am asking you not to print any letters of a political nature. By far the best way to deal with the situation is not to publish letters from MPs, councillors, candidates or their supporters on April 21, April 28 or May 5.

Jill Prince,

Lynn Way,

Kings Worthy


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