ROMSEY Bowling Club has selected its chosen charity for 2022 – and its one close to its members' hearts.

The club, which is situated in War Memorial Park, will support Challengers over the coming year, a charity which provides play and leisure opportunities for disabled children and young adults across the southeast.

Among those who use the charities’ services is club president Brian Parsons and his family.

Mr Parsons’ grandson, Henry, 8, is diagnosed with autism and ADHD, meaning he’s not able to attend standard kid’s clubs and childcare centres.

Henry's mum, Christie White, instead relies heavily on the special groups and playschemes Challengers offers to make sure Henry is in an environment which suits his needs while she's at work.

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She said: “It can be really hard to get suitable childcare in the holidays and over the weekends for children like Henry. He needs one to one care with someone who can continually engage with him in a safe and secure environment, and Challengers offers that. The measures they put in place to be able to do that are just amazing and I know it has helped me and many of my friends who have children on the autism spectrum or those with down syndrome.

“Financially as well it’s a huge help, we pay something in the region of £30 a day, which is subsidised by the charity. If we were to go to a private carer it could be upwards of £10 an hour. It also means either me or his dad can go out to work, so it’s a huge respite.”

Members are hoping a representative of challengers will be at the club on April 23 for the bowler’s opening drive.

An open day will also be held on May 7 between 10am and 2pm for anyone interested in joining the club.

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