A COUNTY tennis player from North Baddesley is calling on the parish council to improve its tennis courts.

David Trew, of West Lane, had criticised North Baddesley Parish Council for its 'massively underused' courts at the recreation ground.

Currently, it has two courts which are available to the public, to gain access a key is required from the keyholder.

Mr Trew said he would be prepared to assist the parish council in improving the organisation of the facility and to ensure that people have access to coached.

Mr Trew, 80, said: “There are two big schools right next to the recreation ground. The parish council have missed opportunity after opportunity. I have organised some coaching for the local schools and the parish council didn't follow it up in any way.

“The two courts are close to trees so they are covered in moss and need to be properly looked after. Six years on from when I first talked to them, they said they would be improving the area by making it into four courts with lights and a club and I would be very happy to help.

“At Winchester Tennis Club, we did coach the kids there for a while, I'm sure we would be able to publicise things and get things going there.

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“To access the courts, you have to go to a lady, who is a very active member of the community, and is a keyholder. So you have to go to her house and pick up the key to unlock the courts. There is nothing organised or official happening there. The courts are massively underused.

“The courts have to be power-washed so they are usable, the nets are just left hanging. I am prepared to help them in any way I can.

“The LTA would be more than happy to get something going for them.”

Cllr Sally Lamb, from North Baddesley Parish Council, agreed that the courts needed to be improved and said she would discuss it at the next full council meeting on May 10.

Cllr Lamb said: “I agree that they are underused and that work needs doing to them. They should be run in a similar way to the courts at Mountbatten Park in Romsey.

“There, you pay a £5 deposit to use the courts and equipment, which is provided. At the end, you get the £5 back, so it's free to use. It's so important that people keep active.

“The access is tricky at the moment as you have to ring the keyholder to use the courts.

“They are not in good condition, one is usable, the other isn't good at all.”

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