SIR: It was interesting to note (Chronicle, April 2) that our illustrious Chancellor and his wife have donated more than £100,000 to Rishi's alma mater. To many of us that would be a considerable amount of money, but, given that Winchester College's fees currently stand at £41,709 per annum, it is not enough to fund a full scholarship or bursary for one student's five years of education at the College.

In his Spring budget the Chancellor announced that there will be an increase in schools' budgets, phased in over the next three years. Not the wondrous news it sounds, as that will merely serve to bring state education budget back to 2010 levels, after over a decade of Tory-led draconian cuts.

Would Mr and Mrs Sunak not have done better to think of the state schools in this area, rather than such a privileged institution? Or those in his Yorkshire constituency. Never mind, he is at least bringing a modicum of employment to that area, if plans for a swimming pool and tennis court in the sweeping grounds of Kirby Sigston Manor come to fruition.

Una Stevens,

Cliff Way,



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