A NEW cryotherapy chamber has officially opened its doors in Romsey.

The latest cryotherapy instalment to Romsey, entitled CryoFix Wellness, is helping heal residents of Romsey and the surrounding areas with its Arctic temperatures.

Hampshire Chronicle:

The system warms your core, shrinks pores and pushes blood to the surface of your skin, which is meant to flush toxins out of the body to increase the speed of healing.

Cryotherapy is said to help with pain relief and muscle healing, while also assisting with arthritis, weight loss, inflammation, dementia, anxiety and depression, eczema and headaches.

Owner Anna Zammitt, 42 from East Wellow said: "It's not new technology but it's not very well known in the UK as yet. It's very big in the USA and in Poland, doctors give out sessions as a prescription.

"The chamber helps lots of conditions, like arthritis, eczema, sleep deprivation and much more."

After receiving the benefits herself, the former fitness PT decided to open her own chamber, in effort to make it more accessible for local residents.

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Anna said: "People contact us afterwards saying their energy is unbelievable and they feel absolutely amazing. People have said how improved their sleep and work outs are after using the chamber."

Hampshire Chronicle: Cryofix, Romsey

Anna, described the chamber to go on for three minutes and plummets to a temperature of 120 degrees, which puts the body into a fight or flight mode. Blood rushes to all core organs of the body, which oxygenates the blood, helping to get rid of toxins.

The chamber is located at NIX Business Centre 2, Premier Way and is recommended for use two or three times a week, depending on the issue users are facing.

Anna said: "It's interesting to have different people come through the door, whether they come for health, work outs or immune system. It means a lot and people really do come back and it's nice to help the local community."

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