A COMPANY that provides care in the community in Romsey has gifted more than 1,300 Easter eggs to its team to thank them for their hard work.

South coast care company, Apex Prime Care, said that for most carers and front-line workers, it’s business as usual over the bank holidays as they serve as a lifeline to the most vulnerable.

As a way to say thank you, it gave Easter eggs to all its 1,300 staff members.

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Ellis Kerr, Marketing Manager, said: "Our family run business knows the importance of caring for our loved ones and we extend these values to our team.

"Thank you to Asda Totton, Apex Prime Care head office's local supermarket, and their community champion, Gemma Stafford, for organising the huge haul of sweet treats.

"Any spare eggs will be donated back to Asda’s collection for Southampton City Council, where the eggs will be delivered to families or individuals who may not have access to an Easter egg this year, via social workers, foodbanks and local charities."

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