THERE has already been comment in the national press on Rishi Sunak’s generous donation to Winchester College (Chronicle, April 7) followed by extensive coverage of his family’s tax arrangements.

Entertaining as revelations of non-dom status and green cards are, much of the outrage is missing the point. Endless pontification on questions of morals, ethics or declaration of interests simply diverts attention from the essential issue, namely our flawed tax system, which not only legitimises but facilitates practices designed to keep the country’s wealth, created by working people, in the hands of a privileged few.

Apart from tax reform, the criteria for qualifying as charity with beneficial tax breaks and rate relief also needs to be tightened up. Public schools, private healthcare providers etc which charge large fees for the services they provide and, in the case of Winchester College also profit from having land and property portfolios, are businesses and should be treated the same as any other commercial organisation.

Karen Barratt,

Byron Avenue,




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