HAMPSHIRE’S largest rabbit rescue centre, Furlock Holmes Animal Care in Whitchurch, will appear on this Easter Sunday's episode of Alan Titchmarsh’s ITV show, Love Your Weekend.

The presenter and gardener’s popular TV show celebrates the great British countryside alongside various special guests.

Furlock Holmes was approached to discuss filming a feature on a rabbit rescue centre to be broadcast on April 17.

Eleanor Bell, founder of Furlock Holmes, said “We were incredibly excited to have been asked to feature on the show, with it being such a fantastic opportunity to spread awareness of our mission and of the rabbit welfare crisis currently faced by rescue centres across the UK.

“We were a little apprehensive about filming with the animals as their happiness and welfare is our priority, but everyone was very understanding of our priorities and the animals came first throughout the process.”

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Furlock Holmes is hoping the focus on rabbit rescues will show all watchers how misunderstood rabbits are and how important it is for rabbit owners to create a suitable environment and provide companionship as well as a suitable diet for their pets.

Volunteers were very keen to get involved and the hutches were all freshly painted in time for the filming to start.

One of the team’s youngest volunteers, 12-year-old Jessica Farrand, said: “I felt nervous to be on camera but, once we got started, the excitement of showing what we do at Furlock Holmes took over.”

Even Alan, an Angora rabbit resident at Furlock Holmes, got involved and went along to meet his namesake, Alan Titchmarsh.

The special Easter edition episode of ‘Love Your Weekend’ will go live at 10am on Sunday, April 17 with Deborah Meaden talking about her latest money making venture, musical sensation Kerrie Ellis discussing the Cole Porter revival Anything Goes, Brian Blessed talking about a life well lived and lots more.

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