Hampshire County Council has announced holiday meal vouchers will be made available to vulnerable children and young people over the upcoming Easter holidays.

Eligible families will receive one £15 voucher per child, per week, totalling £30 across the two-week holiday (April 11-22).

Eligible recipients include:

  • All families whose children are eligible for free school meals
  • All children with a social worker
  • All children open to early help services
  • 16-18 year olds previously eligible for free school meals
  • All two to four year olds accessing childcare and eligible for Early Years Pupil Premium

Children attending schools located more than two miles from a Community Pantry will receive their vouchers from their school, college or early years education provider.

Schools within two miles of a Community Pantry will be asked to direct families to Community Pantries to access their vouchers, and will provide details of local pantries accordingly.

Vouchers will be available in paper form or via a text or email and can be used online or in store at a variety of supermarkets, and at Community Pantries.

The use of Community Pantries is actively encouraged, as each £15 voucher will enable a family to visit a pantry three times and access £15 worth of supplies each time. Vouchers collected at Community Pantries can also be used in supermarkets.

Details of Community Pantries in Hampshire are available on the Family Information and Services Hub.