The list of candidates for the Winchester City Council local election has been published.

The election result will be announced on May 5 – residents will need to register before the deadline on April 14.

Residents have a choice between going to a polling station, voting by post or a proxy vote.

Below are all of the candidates within each ward.

Alresford & Itchen Valley

Lorraine Bailey – Conservative Party

Lucinda Graham – Green Party

Margot Power – Liberal Democrats

Tessa Valentine – Labour Party


Badger Farm & Oliver’s Battery

Adrian Field – Labour Party

David Killeen – Conservative Party

Brian Laming – Liberal Democrats

Max Priesemann – Green Party


Bishop's Waltham

Richard Cannon – Green Party

Steve Haines – Labour and Co-operative Party

Stephen Miller – Conservative Party

Jonathan Williams – Liberal Democrats


Central Meon Valley

Linda Gemmell – Conservative Party

Thomas Gregory – Liberal Democrats

Stefanie Patricia Harvey – Labour Party

Malcolm Wallace – Green Party


Colden Common & Twyford

Paul Brown – Labour Party

Sue Cook – Conservative Party

Jonny Morris – Liberal Democrats



Caroline Brook – Conservative Party

Jenni Dixon – Green Party

Derrick Murray – Liberal Democrats

David Picton-Jones – Labour Party


Southwick & Wickham

Neil Cutler – Liberal Democrats

George Madgwick – Independent

Sandy Phillips-Lee – Conservative Party

Paul Sony – Labour Party

Julia Henriette Stolle – Green Party


St. Barnabas

James Batho – Liberal Democrats

Reece Chadwick – Green Party

Andy Lai – Conservative Party

Lucy Sims – Labour Party


St. Bartholomew

Kathleen Becker – Liberal Democrats

Patrick Davies – Labour Party

Sam Feltham – Conservative Party

Charlotte Harley – Green Party


St. Michael

Peter Marsh – Labour Party

Fiona Mather – Conservative Party

Kate Needham – Green Party

Mark Reach – Liberal Democrats


St. Paul

Giles Gooding – Green Party

Leo Keay – Conservative Party

Peter Rees – Labour Party

Lucille Thompson – Liberal Democrats


The Worthys

Signe Biddle – Conservative Party

Hannah Field – Labour Party

Jackie Porter – Liberal Democrats


Upper Meon Valley

Neil Bolton – Conservative Party

Richard Needham – Green Party

Yvette Riley – Liberal Democrats

Stephen Turner – Labour Party


Whiteley & Shedfield

Renee Lu – Conservative Party

Daniel Reid – Labour Party

Anne Small – Liberal Democrats


Wonston & Micheldelver

Andy Adams – Liberal Democrats

Patrick Cunningham – Conservative Party

Samuel Jordan – Labour Party

Robert Parker – Green Party