Travelodge has announced a major make-over for 60 of its hotels this year with five Hampshire locations among them.

The redesign includes a timeless classic style reception, a next generation multi-dimensional room and a contemporary restaurant and bar called The Bar Café.

This includes Southampton Central, Portsmouth, Eastleigh, Stoney Cross Lyndhurst and Ringwood receiving what Travelodge is calling “the group’s most radical transformation to date”.

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Hampshire Chronicle: The new budget-luxe reception. Picture: TravelodgeThe new budget-luxe reception. Picture: Travelodge

Travelodge redesign

The redesign has come off the back of the group’s budget chic hotel format, TravelodgePLUS.

Feedback from the company’s largest consumer study - which surveyed around 5,000 UK business and leisure travellers - revealed modern travellers crave style, choice and little homely touches.

In response to this, the Travelodge interiors team came up with the “budget-luxe” design offering a low cost experience with the benefit of thoughtful, stylish design and, home-from-home touches.

The introduction of a new signature rich navy-blue brand colour pays homage to the first Travelodge blue brand colour- chosen for its calming and uplifting qualities.

The group intends to roll out the new look across all of its UK hotels, kicking off with 60 locations this year in popular business and staycation destinations.

Five out of the 60 hotels will be completed this month, this includes Southampton as well as three hotels in London at Southwark, Vauxhall and Wembley and Thame in Oxfordshire, close to Travelodge’s headquarters.

Hampshire Chronicle: The stylish Bar Café features a space for guests to work, relax and socialise. Picture: TravelodgeThe stylish Bar Café features a space for guests to work, relax and socialise. Picture: Travelodge

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Sustainable touches

The budget-luxe design also includes a number of sustainable initiatives including the new carpet being made from recycled fishing nets, part of a project supporting clean ocean initiatives, tackling more than 640k tonnes of discarded fishing nets impacting marine life.

The carpet backing is also made of old plastic bottles. Every ten bottles being recycled rather than sent to landfill saves enough energy to power a laptop for 25 hours.

Other features include low energy lighting, motion sensing controls and aerated showers and taps.

Craig Bonnar, Travelodge Chief Executive said: “This is our most radical transformation to date and has been created in response to ever increasing expectations from customers.

“Britain is now a nation of budget travellers, with more of us choosing to stay in budget hotels than any other hotel type and thoughtful, stylish design and homely touches really matter in today’s world when staying away for business or leisure.”

Travelodge budget-luxe design features

The new Travelodge budget-luxe design features include:

Redesigned reception

The new reception area has been designed in a warm timeless classic style featuring a decorative panel design, soft low LED lighting, stylish leather bench seating and wooden style flooring.

Next generation Travelodge room

The new chic Travelodge room offers everything a business or leisure guest needs for a comfortable, relaxing stay and most importantly a good night’s sleep.

The bespoke luxurious king-size Travelodge Dreamer bed sits within a light box bed frame that emanates a soft, warm glow to aid relaxation and features bedside reading lights and USB charging points.

Stylish Bar Café

The stylish Bar Café features a space for guests to work, relax and socialise. The restaurant offers distinctive zones including counter seating with built-in USB and laptop power for those working outside the room, dining zones with intimate booths and dining benches for groups.