Complaints about The Arc (formally known as the Discovery Centre) in Winchester.

What has happened to this place?! Previously, there used to be an exhibition room on the ground floor, which used to have continuous exhibitions all year round, which were free to enter. This exhibition room has now been turned into an ordinary library room, just full of books.

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The gallery space on the first floor, used to have exhibitions which were free to enter (you were invited to make a donation, but it wasn't compulsory). Now, you have to pay at least £5 to enter this gallery space - and that £5 is just the concessionary price; most people will now be charged more.

The reception area is now very dark-coloured and gloomy looking. This area looks very unfriendly and unwelcoming compared to what it used to look like.

The new rows of communal seating are the most un-ergonomic seating I have ever sat in. The seating has small, sloping back-rests, which are so un-supportive. This seating is so uncomfortable to sit in. You find yourself slipping off this plastic or leather seating, because of the stupid design.

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The ground floor is much darker in appearance than previously. It now looks gloomy and unfriendly. Change the decor to lighter colours, and turn more lights on!

The Arc boasts that it now offers lots of courses. This is untrue. What it now offers are lots of one day workshops which charge at least £20 each.

Also, the cafe is now much smaller, and has much less seating. It now looks much darker and gloomier.

The Arc is now much more inferior and unwelcoming. How much money has been spent converting the Discovery Centre into The Arc?! What a waste!

Winchester City Council, please correct all the things listed in this complaint. What an inferior conversion this really is.

Paul Hickey,

Parchment Street,


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