A FLEDGLING music event near Alresford is facing opposition from the police and city council.

Brockwood Entertainments has applied to put on a one-day festival for 800 people at Brockwood Parklands near Hinton Ampner on July 8. A city council licensing committee is to consider an application next Tuesday March 22.

But the police have concerns about security and the city council environment health team is worried about noise pollution with music proposed to go on until 4.30am and alcohol sales to 3am. There will be overnight camping.

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Organisers say straw bale walls will act as sound barriers and prevent excessive noise reaching the nearest properties at Brockwood Park School.

A slightly smaller inaugural event was held in July 2021 attracting around 500 people.

PC Colin Pollard, of Bishop's Waltham Police Station, in a report to the council, said: "The music has a repetitive beat and is drum and bass in style. Rave music in a field until 4.30am in the morning attracting an 800-strong crowd from London carries a significant risk relating to drugs, violence and intoxication to name a few.

"The terminal hour of alcohol supply is very late at 3am. The applicant is asking for 15 hours of alcohol sales. This is likely to promote drunkenness on the premises.

"The applicant has put together a fairly detailed application but it highlights their inexperience of managing such events and does not address the potential risks posed by the event."

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Police believe six security officers could be insufficient for the 800 festival-goers and estimated 200 workers.

Abigail Toms, of the council environment health department, said: "Music to 4.30am would likely present a considerable noise disturbance and therefore a public nuisance to local residents."

Anyone living within half a mile of the event will be offered free entry, a report to the council states.

Organiser Alastair Morton, a local farmer, whose father was a chairman of Bramdean Parish Council for many years, told the Chronicle: "We're working closely and constructively with the Police, Environmental Health, and Winchester Licensing to ensure the event can go ahead within the agreed licensing requirements."


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