WINCHESTER MP Steve Brine visited Oliver's Battery to show support for the Fairtrade Foundation.

The event had been postponed previously due to lockdown measures, but Mr Brine was happy to return and show his support at the Fairtrade Big Brew held at St Mark's Church.

He wrote on Facebook: "A warm cuppa and a slice of cake guaranteed in Oliver's Battery this morning at St Marks where Fairtrade Foundation are holding the return of their Big Brew."

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Local resident and event organiser, Rosemary Dunhill is encouraging a programme of events in Winchester to support the Fairtrade Foundation and the Traidcraft Exchange, where she feels local work needs to be integrated with groups such as climate change to support farmers and others in the developing world.

Ms Dunhill said: "In Winchester we have become increasingly convinced that the work we do locally needs to be integrated with that of other groups, especially in areas like climate change, which poses so many challenges to farmers and others in the developing world. There were some great events like Green Picnics last summer which will perhaps point the way to increasing our impact.

"Our church has been committed to Fairtrade for decades. We try to promote Fairtrade and organise the Big Brew as much as we can.

"Our church has been committed long term to the development of fairtrade to help people who aren't so well off as us across the world."


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